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Nobody has done more flying to the playa than Advantage, and no air service has volunteered more, contributed more or participated more in our event. We're a Burner-owned, Burner-operated FAA Part 135 Air Charter Operator, and we look forward to welcoming you to our dusty skies!

2014's storms and airfield chaos made the craziest year of playa flying yet. Thanks for all your support!

What a year! Not knowing the terms by which air charter operators could serve the event until June was the biggest challenge we've ever faced. Record requests for air service followed. Opening Monday's airport closure due to violent storms and mud runways was unprecedented, as was the congestion at the Airport Gate when the airfield opened. We did our best to get everyone to the Burn as quickly as possible. We're really interested in hearing from you about your experiences as we start planning for 2015. Please email us at with any comments and suggestions about how we and/or the event organizers can do a better job next year.

As the first Burner-owned, Burner-operated Air Charter Operator serving the event, we’ve done our best over the past ten years to offer the best prices and services combined with the highest level of safety, honesty, integrity, and fun. Our thanks has been reflected in the thousands of smiles of our customers as they see Black Rock City from the air, the relief of the artists and theme camp members whose critical parts we’ve flown in, and the gratitude of the participants whose emergencies required immediate transport home. Since our first year, we’ve built and donated the first Black Rock City air terminal, sited runways, published approaches and operations manuals, and worked every year with BRC Airport and the FAA to improve air safety. Our people serve the community as Rangers, builders, artists, and organizers. We are a part of this event in so many ways, and we look forward to participating for years to come.

Experience - Integrity - Safety - Contribution - Fun. Welcome to our Dusty Skies!

Reno – Black Rock City Air Shuttle

We offer up to 20 flights daily between Reno-Tahoe International Airport and Black Rock City before, during, and after the event. We transport participants, City builders, artists, and theme camps that help make it all happen. We also fly supply trips bringing construction materials, food, and time-critical equipment to the event. We’ve even flown in sushi, aircraft tires, spray rigs, and lift jacks!

Aircraft for this route include Cessna Turbo StationAir 206, Turbo 207, Kodiak K100, and Grand Caravans. They have room for four to nine passengers.

2014 Reno–BRC Air Shuttle™


Flight Type Price Per Person T206
Whole Aircraft
Whole Aircraft
One Way $TBD $TBD $TBD
Round trip $TBD $TBD $TBD

All Cessna T206H Turbo Stationair prices are valid only for flights at the capacity of three to four (3-4) passengers or no more than a total of 680 pounds including all baggage. The Turbo 207 aircraft offers space for larger parties of up to six (6) passengers or no more than a total of 970 pounds including all baggage. Need more passengers and/or cargo space? Ask us about our Caravan and Kodiak pricing for up to 9 passengers and large baggage compartments.

Weight limits are strictly enforced for safe and legal operation. Single or multiple passenger bookings may be required to share a flight. Rates are subject to change without notice until bookings confirmed. Rates do not include the event and use fees nor the $40 per person Black Rock City Airport Gate Fees.

BRC Airport Fees and the New Starport Terminal

Black Rock City LLC collects $40 in cash usage fees from each passenger on arrival. Want to help us build the community-funded new airport terminal? Please join us in contributing--check out the Starport, brought to you by the Black Rock Travel Agency theme camp.

Black Rock City From Above
A view of BRC from above

2014 Bay – Black Rock City Air Shuttle and Nonstop Flights to the Playa from the Western US

We flew many flights daily between the SF Bay Area and BRC, and we launched nonstops from many LA-area airports. Our Bay Area service is available both on a per-seat basis as well as whole-aircraft charters; our LA/SoCal, Pacific Northwest/Southwest, Denver and Las Vegas flights are whole-aircraft charters.

Aircraft for regional services include comfortable Pilatus PC-12, Cessna Grand Caravan, and Kodiak K-100 aircraft seating 7 to 9 passengers.

The BRC Reno Air Shuttle Operates from Atlantic Aviation.

In Reno, we operate on the Reno-Tahoe International Airport at the Atlantic Aviation Charter Terminal, located at:

485 South Rock Blvd
Reno, NV 89502

Please note this is on the other side of the airport from where the airlines are!

If you are connecting from the airlines, take a five-minute taxi from the baggage claim area to Atlantic.

Helpful Links

Reno and Sparks, Nevada

Reno and Sparks are the last major populated areas before heading out to the playa. They are a major outpost for picking up goods as well as an excellent jump off point for Black Rock City. The following links offer some local businesses that can help you prepare for the playa.

Burner-Friendly Hotels in Reno

Additional Reno Resources

Official Burning Man Links

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    Controlled Substances
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    Note: TSA may conduct random bag searches
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